Home Improvement Lighting

The use of the LED Strip is flexible and unconstrained. It can not only illuminate but also create an atmosphere. It is a master of home lighting.

The matching index between the LED Strip and the bedroom is very high. People lie in bed and see the light from the ceiling is very dazzling, so there is no need to use the main lamp in the bedroom. On the contrary, the led strip is hidden behind the cabinet and in the cracks in the corner. The light is very soft, and it can also create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The use of bedroom lamp band is generally suspended ceiling outline, furniture around, bedside background wall, which is used in bedside lamp band is the most commonly used. It can almost replace bedside lamps at night.

The living room led strip is generally used on the ceiling profile, which can outline the outline of the bedroom and create a sense of superiority. It can be matched with scattered small spotlights or down lights. Narrow space is most suitable for led strip, such as porch, corridor, staircase, toilet, do not worry about the overhead light will be blocked, but can not see the situation of the ground.

In the kitchen, the led strip is mainly used at the bottom of the hanging cabinet, which can illuminate the table, because people’s body will generally block the top light in the kitchen, but can not see the table, so the supplementary lighting above the kitchen table is necessary.