Running light belt :LED running light belt how to choose color temperature?

LED running horse lamp belt manufacturer running horse lamp belt is commonly used in home decoration. Now, running lamp belt manufacturer products as a major lighting products, they have entered all walks of life, including families. Color temperature is a professional concept. Simply put, it is the color of light. In terms of white light, the color temperature is generally represented by thousands of digits. Generally speaking, our actual production of LED color temperature is 2400K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5700K, 6500K, 7000K this range, for example, 2400K on the performance of yellow light, 7000K, performance in white blue.

How to choose the color temperature of the LED running light belt? To start with some common sense, the human eye is sensitive to light in a very limited range of visible light. Different color temperatures in the field of white light can be perceived differently by the human eye.

For example, 2700K,3000K warm white perception is a very warm color, this color temperature is more suitable for people to relax when or place to use, such as bedroom, coffee shop and other places; 4000K, neutral white, more suitable for business occasions, so not too warm, also will not make people very excited state; 5000K and 6000K belong to the range of cold white light. This color temperature gives a feeling of great spirit and excitement. This color temperature is suitable for shopping malls, offices, schools and public places with many people.