LED strip manufacturer: what is the LED strip in the landscape

Landscape lighting LED light strip, (also called LED light strip, LED light strip, LED light strip, etc.). In this section, landscape architects have a general understanding. Landscape hydropower consultation exchange contact QQ/ WeChat:228518419.

LED light belt, in fact, there are two kinds: LED soft light belt and LED hard light belt. On lamps and lanterns type selection had better indicate. This article first write LED soft light strip, LED hard light strip next time write. Divided into four sections: 01. Basic knowledge of LED lamp strip. 02. Selection of LED soft light strip. 03. Installation of LED soft light strip. 04. Application of LED soft light strip.

01. Basic knowledge of LED strip

A. LED soft light belt and hard light belt difference:

LED soft light strip: use soft FPC as assembly circuit board, which can be bent, folded and wound arbitrarily.

Advantages: shape can be bent, arc, can arbitrarily combine a variety of patterns. Suitable for irregular places and narrow Spaces.

Disadvantages: compared with the hard light belt installation inconvenience, installation is not easy to fall off.

LED hard light strip: PCB board is used as assembly circuit board, can not be bent at will.

Advantages: relatively easy to fix, convenient installation;

Disadvantages: can not bend at will, fit the regular place.

two The luminous principle of LED soft light belt:

LED soft light strip is the LED light beads are welded on the strip of flexible circuit board. LED lamp bead luminous, luminous Angle of 120 degrees. And the lamp bead distance is about ten millimeters, the arrangement is closer. It feels like a band of light.

Three.LED soft light belt classification:

There is no model number for the light belt. But glowing LED beads are different. Landscape commonly used is 3528 light belt and 5050 light belt.

3528 lamp strip: represents the length of LED lamp bead of 3.5mm and width of 2.8mm. 3528 lamp strip Each lamp bead has an LED chip.

5050 light strip: refers to the length of the LED light bead 5.0mm, width 5.0mm, 5050 light strip Each light bead has three LED chips.

Difference: 5050 lamp belt lamp bead is larger than 3528. With the same number of beads, 5050 has 3 times the power and brightness of 3528.

Size of LED soft light strip.

Model 3528 LED soft strip: general width 8 mm, thickness 4 mm.

Model 5050 LED soft light strip: general width 10 mm, thickness 4 mm.

The length can be cut or spliced according to the need.

02. Selection of LED soft light strip

one LED soft light belt power:

It is mainly related to the number of LED beads per meter of the lamp belt. Model 5050 has three times more beads than Model 3528. The following diagram shows the relationship between the number of common lamp beads and the power. In meters.

Two.LED soft lamp belt voltage:

Outdoor, people may touch, to avoid safety risks. Choose 12V low pressure lamp belt in the pool.

Landscape wall, steps, flower pool, etc. 12V or 24V low pressure light belt.

Three.LED soft light with waterproof grade:

Outdoor waterproof grade IP65 above, the pool with waterproof grade IP68.

Four. Color of LED light strip:

The light emitting color of LED lamp belt, there are red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white and other monochromatic light, there are also seven color changes. Generally 3000K warm white light is the majority on the landscape to create a warm atmosphere.