Shenzhen  Central District “ Glorious New Era” Lighting Show

Shenzhen / China / 2018

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the City Administration Bureau coordinated the implementation of the lighting performance project in the Central District of Shenzhen with the theme of “Glorious New Era”.

The lighting show in Shenzhen Central District takes the central axis and Shennan Avenue as the display interface, forming a large night scene pattern with the citizen center as the core and Ping An Building as the landmark. And organize the elements of regional night scenery, with advanced intelligent control means and innovative visual expression methods, build a shocking overall linkage and rich level of three-dimensional demonstration interface, create a unique digital night scenery boutique, and form Shenzhen night scenery business card.

Shenzhen Central District Lighting Show has initiated a series of shocking technologies and bright spots, such as “combination of large and small point light sources” technology, CBD 43 building ring U screens, 118,000 point light sources lighting collectively, 270 degree dynamic, surrounded, immersed visual sensory experience, etc.


Category: Lighting show
Location: Shenzhen, China
Technology: LED pixles, light controls, LED dynamic strip light
Year: 2018