Herman Green, the architect, and Light International, the fixture builders asked ALITOVE to come up with the solution to render the color effects. ALITOVE, a known company specialized in creative Addressable Dream Color LED lighting, realized countless LED projects for a very diverse customer base. Herman had very specific requirements for the color patterns, there wasn’t an of the shelf solution for his demand. ALITOVE used the Madrix Software platform and wrote quite some code to reach what Herman had in mind. Besides the artistic requirements, there were several guidelines from the government. Two much red for example could lead to dangerous situations. ALITOVE  found a way to constantly measure the total amount of red in a rendered color set. 

The Madrix software runs on a tiny window PC and outputs Art-net to the DiGidot C4 controller which runs to the lights. The DiGidot is one of the latest inventions when it comes to led control. The box with the size of a smartphone can run up to 12 DMX universes, in other words, over 6000 led lights! The controller is connected to the Internet and with udp commands the DiGidot C4 can be triggered. In this way the light installation can be overruled in case of emergencies. 

Besides the great look the Mars tunnel and Kostverloren get from the lighting, it also makes that especially cyclists feel more safe when using the tunnel. At ALITOVE we are proud that we were asked to participate in such a great project. Do you too want to discuss a project that you are working on? Please contact us!