WS2812B WS2811 WS2815 LED Controller Music Sync Bluetooth App Control by iOS Android for WS2812 WS2813 SK6812 WS2801 Dream Color Addressable LED Strip Matrix Panel Pixel Light, Mic/AUX Input


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Product Description

 Addressable LED Controller, WS2812B WS2811 Music Sync Bluetooth Controller

How to connect wires

Addressable LED Controller, WS2812B WS2811 Music Sync Bluetooth Controller


  1. It can support WS2812B and WS2813 but there is no option on the setting page. Please choose WS2811 when connect it to WS2812B and WS2813. When connecting WS2813 LED strip, please connect Bi wire to GND port.
  2. It's not compatible with Samsung Phone.
  3. The controller cannot regulate the output voltage at the VCC. That means the output voltage of your power supply must be the same as the work voltage of your led lights. If your lights need 5V input, please use a 5V power supply, never use 12V or 24V power supply.
  4. The controller only supports LED lights with smart IC. It cannot support ordinary RGB/RGBW LED strip without IC.
  5. Please use a power supply not a battery to power the controller. The output power of power supply must be more than the max power of led light.
  6. Please read the user manual to learn how to connect to WiFi and LED strip. You can download the user manual in "Technical Specification" column of this page.

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