LED Christmas Light Snowflake Fairy String Light 12Ft 35 LEDs Warm White UL Listed Waterproof Connectable Rope Light for Xmas Tree Patio Garden Halloween Party Indoor Outdoor Décor


  • Brand: ALITOVE
  • Product Code: Xmas-12ft-35-WW-Snow
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ex Tax: $15.99

Product Description



  1. Bulbs may loosen in sockets during shipping. If set fails to light, gently push each bulb tightly into socket to restore contacts.
  2. Always unplug set before attempting to replace or remove bulbs. PUSH-IN / PULLOUT LAMPS - This set contains replaceable bulbs. Burned out bulbs should be replaced to prolong the lifespan of set.
  3. TO AVOID FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK: Do not mount or support strings in a manner that can cut or damage Wire insulation.
  4. To avoid excessive heat and damage, do not attach decorative features to lamps.

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