Addressable RGB LED Strip for PC, 5V WS2812B Rainbow Digital Light Strip for ASUS Aura SYNC, MSI Mystic Light SYNC, ASRock Polychrome RGB 3 pin 5V ADD Header on Motherboard, 40cm 24 LED, 4pcs


  • Brand: ALITOVE
  • Product Code: 4x 2812B-24NPBK-Asus-kit
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Product Description


  • Name: ALITOVE 4-Pack Addressable RGB PC LED strips
  • Light source: 5050 RGB LED
  • IC Model: WS2812B
  • LED Qty: 24pcs per LED strip, 96 LEDs in total
  • Wave length (NM): R,620~625nm ; G,515~525nm; B,465~475nm
  • The gray level: 256
  • Color: full color (24-bit )
  • View angle:120°
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Max Power: 0.2W/LED
  • Waterproof: Not waterproof
  • FPCB board color: Black
  • Life span:≥50000hrs
  • Working environment: -40℃to +80℃
  • Pin definition: +5V, D, NP, GND
  • LED strip: Pack of 4 40cm LED strip
  • Motherboard connect cable: 50cm
  • Splitter cable: 30cm

Kindly note

  1. These addressable led strips are designed only for 3 pin +5V ADD_Header (+5V,DATA,N/A,GND). Please NEVER connect it to 4pin 12V RGB_HEADER (12V, G,R,B). Otherwise you will destroy the entire led strip.
  2. If your motherboard has 3pin header which is (+5V, DATA, GND), please buy the (+5V, DATA, GND) version from ALITOVE.
  3. It's a very cool product for DIY game players, fit to decorate your tower or gaming computer case. Customize your workspace with vibrant LEDs to set the mood and illuminate your hardware.


The connectors for motherboard has four pins while the (+5V,DATA,N/A,GND) header has three pins.

One pin is useless and it is not soldered to a lead wire. So there are 4 pins but three wires on the connector.

In order to easily check pins' function , we didn't stick the housing and the pins together, so that users can move the housing freely.


If you don’t like the design, please think twice before place the order. Thank you!


  • 4x ALITOVE Addressable RGB LED strips
  • 1x Motherboard connection cable
  • 1x Splitter cable

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