AC to DC Converter 100V ~ 240V to 12V 10A 120W Power Supply Adapter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket AC/DC Transformer for Car Vacuum Cleaner, Car Refrigerator and Other Car Devices


  • Brand: ALITOVE
  • Product Code: 12V-10A-BK-CAR
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Product Description

12 10 car

Product Specification:

  • Input: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: DC 12V ( constant voltage )
  • Output Current: Max 10A
  • Output Wattage:Max 120W
  • DC connector: Universal female car cigarette lighter socket
  • Safety Compliance: FCC / CE/ RoHS / CCC
  • Package List: 1x 12V 10A power supply adapter ; 1x AC input power cable


  • Some customers reported that this 12V 10A power supply can not power 12V 8A car vacuum cleaner. In fact, the reason is not quality issue, but overload operation issue. Generally speking, car vacuum cleaner and inflator have built-in motor. Their instantaneous starting current is much higher than the rated current. For example, the starting current of 12V 8A car vacuum cleaner is between 10-12a, while the maximum current of ALITOVE 12V 10A power supply is only 10A. Once the 8A car vacuum cleaner is started, it will trigger the over-current protection of power supply, and even damage the power supply. So, we recommend you to buy ALITOVE 12V 15A power supply for 12V 8A car vacuum cleaner and inflator.

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Superior Safety

Stable Output

High-quality Cable

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Durable Design

Broad Compatibility

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